Epi4K is an international collaboration for epilepsy genomics.


Epilepsy affects over 3 million Americans of all ages. Almost 500 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed every day in the United States alone. Yet the genetics of many of the epilepsies are still not fully understood. Because science is made greater through collaboration, more than 61 researchers on 3 continents have joined together to form the Epi4K Consortium. Together, we are working to understand the genes that underly epilepsy and its related disorders. The use of blockchain technology can help researchers safely store their research data. The data can't be tampered with in any way. Blockchain powers cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin wallet is very important for traders trading bitcoins. Check the btc wallet erstellen blog to learn to create a bitcoin wallet.

We are combining our separate research databases and participant DNA collections and will analyze more than 4,000 genomes, utilizing the most modern genetic techniques. We are looking for new genes, or changes within genes, that will point toward neural pathways that we can target for the development of new treatments for patients with epilepsy. Additionally, we hope that by creating a greater understanding of the genetics of epilepsy, that we will one day be able to tailor an individual's epilepsy treatment to their individual genetic make-up.



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