Gene Discovery in Epilepsy

Epi4K is an international consortium of doctors, scientists, and researchers from around the world, from Australia to Ireland to the United States, who are working together to advance our understanding of the genetic bases of epilepsy. Our efforts have been made possible through a funding partnership with the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Together, we are searching for genetic determinants that are the cause of epilepsy and influence the likelihood of a response to specific treatments and long-term outcomes.

To achieve this goal, the Epi4K Consortium will use the most modern genetic technologies to systematically analyze at least 4,000 patient genomes from North America, Europe, and Australia for mutations that influence risk of epilepsy. Our hope is that newly-identified genes we discover will point the way toward the development of new treatments for epilepsy and a future in which each person’s epilepsy treatment can be tailored to their individual genetic make-up.

This website presents basic information about our research collaboration, how to join us, as well as our most recent publications and information of help to research participants.


Our Research

More than 61 researchers across 3 continents comprise the research team known as Epi4K.


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