About Collaborating with Epi4K

More than 61 researchers across 3 continents comprise the research team known as Epi4K. The organizing principle behind Epi4K is that, through collaboration and synergy, collectively we will make more rapid progress towards fully understanding the inherited components of epilepsy than can be achieved individually.

It follows that membership of Epi4K carries advantages for which some sacrifices of autonomy are considered to be a reasonable price – the corporate benefits considerably outweighing the individual restrictions. For any research that would rely wholly or in significant part on Epi4K data or resources, Members are required to present and discuss their ideas within the Epi4K Steering Committee. This principle of “no surprises” extends to all new analyses, poster and oral presentations, manuscripts and other tools of the trade.

Among other advantages, benefits of this cooperative approach are expected to include the strengthening and improving of preliminary ideas via discussion with fellow experts, the possibility of attracting additional resources in support of proposed projects, access to larger sample and data sets, better analytical tools, and sharing of complementary skills.

Guiding Documents

The Epi4K Charter

The Epi4K Publication Policy

Requesting Collaboration

Researchers are encouraged to submit an application to the Steering Committee for the Epi4K Consortium. Potential collaborators should review the Epi4K Charter and Publication Policy, and familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of the consortium then reach out to the Epi4K study team at [email protected].